World of Warcraft Releasing New Boardgame

Become inducted into either the Horde or Alliance within the upcoming board game named “Small World of Warcraft”, which is designed and shipped directly from the MMORPGs developers, Azeroth. Loyal fans and newcomers to this brand will experience this expansive world with a maximum of five friends or family.

It’s estimated that this board game will take upwards of eighty minutes to complete, with multiple outcomes available from the initial selection process. Players can select from sixteen World of Warcraft races, each one having access to one or two specialized powers. Inquire these powers throughout the several islands in Warcraft, using unique strategies to dispel your opponents into oblivion.

Essential elements of “SWOW” include the seven legendary locations, which will have five artefacts located sporadically. Included in this six double-sided game board will be ten mountains, where various objectives and items are locations. Items include Bombs, Tokens, Wisp Walls, Forts, and Beasts. Objections include Military Projects, Controlling the Watch Tower, and Commanding Minions from World of Warcraft. It should be mentioned that this boardgame plays by a one-by-one turn market. Those concerned with the rules & regulations associated with Small World of Warcraft can review the “Guidelines Booklet”.

The Games Description

Small World of Warcraft is described as a game that takes players into Azeroth’s most cruel day, with each faction struggling for their control. Never before will players have had access to different territories in the region of Azeroth, which will create continuous conflict between the Horde and Alliance. The description ends by clarifying only a single champion can win over their enemies and save Azeroth from their ultimate doom. It should be noted that for loyal World of Warcraft fans, this boardgame doesn’t coincide with the lineage or lore of this game series.

The Creator

Boardgame enthusiasts will know the creator behind Small World of Warcraft. This individual previously created “Small World”, a fantasy board game from 2009 that gained notable popularity amongst supports of this genre. It prompted World of Warcraft developers to employ Philip Keyaerts, requesting he create a themed version of his notable boardgame for WoW.

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