ZeniMax Media Acquired by Microsoft

The Microsoft Company shocked investors & Wall Street by announcing their acquisition of ZeniMax Media. Instead of purchasing TikTok from ByteDance, Microsoft deciphered that acquiring a large-scale games developer was better suited for their investment. ZeniMax Media is the parent company to multiple development studios, including Bethesda. This means that Microsoft now owns the Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and Doom brands. It’ll drastically change how these iconic franchises are released to gamers going forward, with Microsoft likely making Bethesda IP’s exclusive to the Xbox & PC platforms.

The announcement that Microsoft had purchased ZeniMax Studios was Phil Spencer, the Head of Xbox. He outlined that all franchises owned by Bethesda & other studios operated by ZeniMax are now property of Xbox. Additional brands that’ll become exclusive to the Xbox include Dishonoured, Quake, Prey, Starfield, and Wolfenstein. The cost associated with acquiring ZeniMax Media was $7.9 Billion for the Microsoft Company. It marks one of their most prominent acquisitions to date.

Phil Spencer’s announcement through the Xbox Blog also confirmed that Bethesda’s full library of games will become available on “Game Pass”. Xbox Head Phil Spencer emphasized that all new titles from Bethesda will immediately be added to the Game Pass. It’s a revolutionary concept for Microsoft. This means unreleased titles from Bethesda, like Starfield, will become available from launch for $10.00 a month. When registering for the Game Pass with Microsoft, multiple titles outside of Bethesda Studios will also be available. This includes Halo & Sea of Thieves.

Phil Spencer Reflects on Acquisition

An official statement was issued with Microsoft’s blog post, where they emphasized the similarities between themselves & Bethesda. Those similarities include a passion towards developing creative experiences, exploring new franchises, and portraying storylines that are bold. Phil Spencer remarked that Bethesda & ZeniMax Media’s influential work throughout the gaming market will continue to thrive under Microsoft’s leadership.

He ended his statement by evoking excitement towards empowering ZeniMax Media will the resources required to reach their next creative visions. It should be noted that few developers are acquired for such prominent valuations. Microsoft purchasing ZeniMax Media for $7.9 Billion is the largest acquisition in 10+ years.

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