Transference Review

In the new Transference game, players will get the opportunity to explore an apartment which was owned by a broken family while looking through the lens of someone’s memories in a digitalised format. Progression is rather linear throughout the game, with traditional puzzles in survival-horror style serves as the roadblocks in the game. Quite often, […]

Overcooked 2 Review

The original Overcooked video game was a well-received co-op game that even managed to get nominated for several rewards, but there’s no denying that the first game had room for major improvements. Thankfully, the sequel provides a more comprehensive and polished experience that manages to build on the first Overcooked video game quite successfully. Overcooked […]

Marvel’s Spider-Man Review

Although video games based on comic books have been poorly received in the past, there are a handful of superheroes that enjoyed tremendous success. Most video game fans might consider Batman to be one of the most successful video game adaptions to date. However, Spider-Man is giving the Dark Knight a serious run for his […]

Bow to Blood Review

For once we are just going straight into what is worth getting triply excited about. Bow to Blood is deceptively strategic, it lends weight to every single action, its frantic, micromanagement system hugely enhances gameplay, and its vibrant, bold world offers hours of exploring. What most players will immediately thank the developers for is that […]

Detroit: Become Human Review

When players start the Detroit: Become Human game, they will be greeted with a phenomenal android serving as the host for the game while browsing through the options in the menu. Sensational facial animation helps the android host look lifelike, stunning, and almost human. This initial encounter with the android host might seem insignificant, but […]

Does Far Cry 5 live up to the Hype?

Although Ubisoft experienced some success with the release of their first and second Far Cry games, the series only really took off with the release of Far Cry 3. It provided a captivating open world game that managed to sell millions of copies and claimed several year-end awards, allowing Ubisoft to release a handful of […]

What Makes World of Warcraft So Amazing?

Since 2004, World of Warcraft has managed to make a truly cultural impact, inspiring everything from an episode of South Park to the movie-adaption that was released in Hollywood during 2016. However, there are still millions of people that never even tried playing the incredible online game. With the latest expansion, World of Warcraft: Battle […]

How Did a Game like Overwatch Become so Popular?

While Overwatch may have come out two years ago, the game has created a massive wave amongst players, and even in 2018, the hype surrounding the game has not slowed down in the least. Overwatch is a massive online multiplayer game which includes an array of different characters, unique design storylines, weapons, as well as […]

An Abyss of Chasm Fun

It’s the rare twist on the Metroid formula that makes Chasm popular, while its demanding combat makes it stand out from a wide range of imitators. In its underground lair its monsters that roam, it’s excitingly demanding, Chasm shines as players enter a deadly area to fight off the scurrying rats, and lurching zombies. An […]

Star Wars: The Old Republic Review

Star Wars: The Old Republic is an immersive, open-world, MMORPG that is based on the Star Wars universe. It was released in 2012, which makes it even more surprising that the game still has a massive and active player base that plays daily. One of the major appeals of the MMO, other than the fact […]

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