Infinity Ward Stands Behind African American Community

Worldwide a new movement has begun amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a movement centred around individuals of African descent. The tone of their skin has prompted significant racism against these global civilians for thousands of years, continuing into our modern era. Globally, those who stand with this group of people have begun protesting the ignorant behaviour […]

Warzone Updated to Support Duos

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has dominated the gaming charts since November 2019. Its influential multiplayer mode has seen more than 50+ million worldwide engage in the modernized version of this franchise. It was unexpectedly revealed in 2020 that Modern Warfare would release an exclusive Battle Royale Mode, which is available now & named Warzone. […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War Leaked

Summer marks the time when information regarding the next instalment for Call of Duty is released. Leaked data is often made by hackers or small online retailers, who post information regarding the upcoming title before Activision permits it. The leaked information was provided this time through Eurogamer, a reliable and notable source that essentially confirms […]

World of Warcraft Releasing New Boardgame

Become inducted into either the Horde or Alliance within the upcoming board game named “Small World of Warcraft”, which is designed and shipped directly from the MMORPGs developers, Azeroth. Loyal fans and newcomers to this brand will experience this expansive world with a maximum of five friends or family. It’s estimated that this board game […]

2020 Tokyo Game Show Cancelled

Another convention has been terminated because of the novel coronavirus. It was announced that the 2020 Tokyo Game Show would be cancelled because of COVID-19. This venue would’ve held spectators between September 24th to 27th, with the convention centre being located a short distance from Tokyo. Instead of being stuck at Makuhari Messe, TSG 2020 […]

Assassins Creed Valhalla Unveiled

Speculation regarding the next entry into the Assassins Creed Saga has overwhelmed online forums since Odyssey was released. That speculation can close after Ubisoft America confirmed “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla”, which will centre around Norse Mythology and the Ancient Vikings. Speculators had determined through leaks that this was an inevitable setting for the ACS, with most […]

Thousands of Nintendo Accounts Confirmed as Stolen

The Nintendo Company announced that 160+ thousand accounts had been hacked by April 25th. This follows after an extensive warning was issued by Nintendo, informing customers to link their accounts via email to avoid unwanted attacks. An overwhelming percentage avoided these warranted remarks from Nintendo PR Representatives. New announcements were made by the same representatives, […]

Seinfeld Video Game Pitched to NBC

The concepts seen behind certain video games can be unique, artistic, hilarious, or downright odd. Two developers from the United States of America have pitched the Sony Company a new video game, which would be centred around the classic tales of Seinfeld. Combining the themes of hilarious and odd, consumers would receive an 8Bit Title […]

Nintendo Stops Shipping the Switch

The Nintendo Company announced that they’ve immediately suspended manufacturing of the Switch & Switch Lite through Japan. This follows after an influx of demand for the product prompted systems to malfunction. Instead of fixing the manufacturing line, Nintendo determined that it’s best to suspend operations for workforce safety. It should be mentioned that the COVID-19 […]

The Sony Company Creates COVID-19 Response Fund

One of the most significant worldwide manufacturers of technological goods announced their setting up a COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. This manufacturer is the Sony Company, who’ll be working with the World Health Organization and the United Nations Foundation. Funds will be donated towards a multitude of different charitable associations that work towards benefiting medical professionals. […]